Zion Calendar

Monday, 4 March 2013

This Week at Zion United

Thanks to Angela Clifton, LLP for providing our Service today at Zion. Angela's Sermon was Jesus' Forgotton Role: The role of the Church in Promoting Health, Healing and Wholeness.

Robbie the Dragon was on vacation this week, so Angela told a story to the children. It was nice to see some more new faces in church this week. Welcome to Isaac and his Grammy Shirley. You can click on the Youtube icon on the right to hear Angela's Story.

Sylvia Wilkinson read the Scriptures this week. Scripture Reading: Matthew 9: 18-26
Responsive Reading: Psalm 23 p. 749 VU
Scripture Reading: Mark 2: 1-12. You can click on the Youtube icon on the right to hear Sylvia read the Scriptures. 

We had a treat this week. Marjorie Speed-Powell arranged for Kayla Delong to perform for us. Thanks to Kayla for sharing with us and adding to our service. Kayla is a very talented singer and we hope she would like to come to Zion again. Hear for yourself. Click the Youtube icon to the right to play the video. 

We have a treat coming up in Church on March 17th. It involves all the people you see in this picture.  Hope you can be with us to enjoy their performance. They will also be taking over part of the service.