Zion Calendar

Sunday, 17 March 2013

This Sunday at Zion United

The Table in the Sanctuary has been prepared for the Lent period and is ready for Service Easter Sunday. The Church is always prepared by the Worship Committee for each special occasion and all the times in between from decorations to fresh plants and flowers.

We welcomed Rev. Lloyd Gilleo to Zion United again this Sunday to provide the service for the Congregation. Rev. Gilleo's Sermon was entitled, "What Jesus Refuses to Do?" Rev Gilleo will also be with us for Easter Sunday to provide the service which will include Communion.   

The Sunday School kids took part in the service today and Lincoln Inglis led the Lighthouse Sharing. Lincoln explained what the Lighthouse was all about and that the money people donate is given to local charities. 
Lincoln, Lauren, Brook and Micheal then sang the Song of Thanks accompanied by Marjorie Powell on the piano. You can catch the video by clicking the youtube icon in the right side column.  

Lauren McKiel read the scriptures this morning, Matthew 12:1-21. Lauren is back after a few weeks away in Yellowknife. All of pretty much spent in bed with pneumonia. Phyllis was also not well during this time. Both are on the mend now. We are glad that Lauren could be with us this morning.    

The Choir performed during our Ministry of Music segment of the service, treating the congregation to a song. 

There was a good crowd in Church today. It was nice to see. We had a few new faces and some we have not seen for awhile. Hope to see you all again soon.