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Monday, 18 November 2013

Minutes for Mission

November 17—And a Child Shall Lead Them

Sometimes how mission and service monies are raised is just as important as how much. Hear today the story of a child who stepped out in faith.

Dear friends,

This is not about services provided by M&S but rather a message of hope from a 10-year-old missionary for the fund. Her name is Faith Demchuk and she lives in Calgary, Alberta. On many occasions she visits her grandmother in Cayley—a hamlet 64 kilometres south of Calgary—and they come to our church, Wood Memorial United.

Faith is an excellent reader for her age and reads the Minute for Mission every Sunday she is there. Our church is 75 years old, very small, with a congregation that seldom exceeds 10. We are part of the Nanton-Cayley Pastoral Charge. Last March, Faith took the initiative on her own to go door to door in this hamlet of under 500 people, asking for donations to the Mission and Service Fund. Faith spread the word and collected a total of 43 dollars and 94 cents.

This is a shining example of interest and dedication to God’s work shown by one girl addressing the concerns we all have in our world today.
On behalf of The United Church of Canada, mission and service, the Rev. Karl Shin and the members of Wood Memorial we thank you, Faith, for your kindness, energy, support, and dedication. We are all very proud of you.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Ellston,

Treasurer, Wood Memorial United Church

Every gift to the church’s mission and service is used wisely and helps transform lives. Please continue to give generously.