Zion Calendar

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

This week at Zion United

This past Sunday at Zion saw Lauren Mckiel finally being able to deliver his word. "The Parable. Why?". as you know with storms cancelling church this past winter and Lauren not being well and away on vacation, he was not able to attend his turn at the pulpit. 

Welcome to Zion United from Sally, Jean and Lauren. The weather was nice enough to open the front door. I always love to see the front door open. 

John Pitblado, unofficial executive greeter. Great job John. I think he is trying to get a hug out of Phyllis!!

The Zion United Choir is swelling these days as the summer weather nears and our southern friends join us

So nice to have Georgia and Karl Nolph back with us for the summer and I hope they will be sharing their musical talents with us this summer.