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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

General Secretary's Weekly Letter

May 3, 2013

I remember that when I lived in the North, this was a very strange time of year to come to southern Canada.  In Yellowknife or Iqaluit, the glorious thing this time of year is the sunshine stretching further and further into the evening hours.  With all that sunlight, the snow is receding rapidly and the winter is clearly over. That feels like spring until you travel south and find the tulips in full bloom and joggers out in their shorts.
Now, I’m living in a place where the first week in May the lawns are green velvet, tiny leaves are unfurling on every twig, the birds are singing crazily, and the forsythia are in full bloom.  After lots of warm spring rain in recent weeks, the earth has sprung back to life.
This weekend is predicted to be warm and sunny throughout.  I guess I shouldn’t begrudge that fact that, along with those wonderfully dedicated members of the Executive of the General  Council and supporting staff and volunteers, I’ll be inside the whole time!  In fact, whether we get out and enjoy the sunshine or not, the gift of springtime bursting forth will be uplifting to all who toil over difficult budget decisions this weekend. 
In preparation for work heavy with responsibility and emotion, I was blessed last week to take part in the Week of Guided Prayer at Islington United Church.  This program originates with Hamilton Conference, but has been well used at Islington and various other churches for years.   Many of those at the opening worship described themselves as returning participants, a testament to the value found in this week of intentional practice of prayer.  The theme of hope resonated well with me.  I confess to being less regular than I aspire to be in my practice of praying with scripture, so it made so much sense to have this week set aside to share with others in dedicated practice. The private reading and prayer, the journaling, and the conversations with my companion offered a balance to many of the other things going on in my life.  I liked it so well that I am hoping that we can do something  similar at the General Council Office in coming months.
Meanwhile, I turn to this week’s work with scriptural images and reflections to offer guidance – and hope.

May peace be with you.