Zion Calendar

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Zion United Service - Unconditional Love

Well we finally made it back to Church this Sunday February 17th. There was a threat that it might snow, but that turned to rain so Shirley Shot was able to deliver her Valentine Service after all. Thanks to all those who braved the rain to attend. We also had a few familiar faces this week.  Glad you could join us. 

One point to note is a change in the date for the Mad Hatter Tea. This was to be Monday April 1st, but that is Easter Monday, so it will be moved to Wednesday April 3rd. You can start bringing in your new to nearly new items as of now. Please note the office hours and feel free to drop off then or bring to church with you.

Shirley Shot delivered her Valentine 
Sermon "Unconditional Love" 

Robbie the Dragon was in The Castle today 
to tell another bible story for the kids.

Ministry of Music performance is a regular Sunday event. 
We are very appreciative of Marjorie and our 
Choir Members for their dedication. 

Shirley Melanson was our 
reader for today's Scriptures.